Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The River

All summer long we go down to our special spot on the Colorado River, at least once a week, to while away the hours. I still find it hard to believe that such an idyllic little wonderland is only ten minutes away from my house by car. It feels like a place you'd drive at least three hours out of town to get to. It's got it all... rocky beach, sandy beach, beautiful trees and tall beach-y grass and flowers (it feels like the beach to me), and beautiful clear gently rushing water that most of the time is only about knee deep (though at certain points they open the dam for the rice farmers down river, and that happens once or twice a day, though I think you may be able to check online when it's going to happen) (and the water rises and it all gets pretty deep).

We had a bit of a boy festival down there, as you can see. Except for just one spunky little soggy-diapered girl.


Nicole said...

i had been wondering about that park - i went what seems like ages ago to this "grand opening" and it was a bit surreal, since not much was there. but keep thinking it would be a cool spot, so good to hear that is the case!

Bernadette said...

Hey! We go there too. We call it our urban beach. We've had some good gatherings down there too and wiled away many an afternoon hanging out, wading, drinking beer and watching the amazing birds. I LOVE that place!!!

Katy said...

where??? sounds lovely! but I'm unfamiliar.