Friday, May 8, 2009

Austin Rock Gym!!

This place never even occurred to me, until in desperation last week I googled "Austin rainy day activities" and this plum of an idea hit me upside the head. It was perfect for a day when it was barrelling down rain and my kids are quite literally climbing the walls... and of course in Austin Rock Gym that's what you're SUPPOSED to do. And they were totally cool with kids. It cost 5 dollars per kid who was actually climbing, so, they did not charge for me and my babesy, who just merrily crawled around on the spongy bouncy floor.

This place would be great in the dog days of summer, too. A bonus was that we were at Gus Fruh this week (where many rock climbers hang out and climb on the cliffs) and Jack was completely star struck watching them, and then one of them remembered seeing us at the gym, so that was like superstar contact to the extreme, for Jack.

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