Thursday, May 14, 2009

la, la, la

Hmm, not only have I not been able to shrink down the giant baby, but our computer more or less had a hissy fit and lay down on the floor and refused to cooperate (as if we needed more of these episodes) so anyway, that's the reason for the long silence. Life has been good over here, though, for the most part. Yesterday was a rainy, rainy day and we made a giant web in Jack and Bruno's room. We just used a big ball of string and then got out some clothespins and all the playsilks to make a kind of fort/web/jungle. I think a really neat kid birthday gift would be a little case with some old bed sheets and a bag of clothespins. String optional, but you could say it was a fort building kit and maybe make a really cool label for the box, if you wished. Anyway, the web making was kind of a glad/sad parenting moment for me because for the first ten minutes while we were doing it they kept exclaiming about how this was SO fun and I was feeling like the best parent ever... but that was unfortunately such a very very VERY short time before some tiny, tiny insignifcant (to me, I guess) thing set Jack off into a giganto emotional thunderstorm and the whole thing went very, very awry. OH WELL. This is still a fun, inside project and you can cut down the string very quickly so clean up is less gnarly than it looks.

My other project that I worked on this week was a homemade sprinkler. It seems kind of pointless, I know, don't it, but it was merely interesting in that I had this idea in a dream and I think it was one of the first things I've ever dreamt that at least was workable. I have woke up so many times with a fabulous idea for a screenplay, just SUREFIRE, only to have it sink in as the minutes wear on that it's completely ridiculous and nonsensical, purely a dream. So anyway, the homemade sprinkler really does work, but, it doesn't really work any better than sprinklers that are easy to buy anywhere and everywhere, extremely cheap, and it's really not any more fun than just playing in the hose (which is really what this turned into) but hey, I do take it as a sign that perhaps my brain is becoming more independently inventive... after devouring all these toy making books, activity books, things to make and do with children, maybe this hodge podge that's in my head will start churning out some new ideas. That would be really cool.

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