Saturday, May 9, 2009

All the mamas in the house say , "Yeah!"

So, Mother's Day fast approacheth, right? Y'all probably already know this but I just wanted to issue a quick reminder that today, Mother's Day Eve, would be a great day to take ten minutes of your time and sit down and think about exactly what you'd like for your special day. I don't mean gift-wise necessarily, more like: do you want time alone? or special family time? a picnic? a movie by yourself? a kid-made gift? breakfast in bed? fresh flowers? What's your deal that really rings true for YOU? I'm just sayin', if you wait around for the other occupants of your household to make it happen with no word from you, there might be some disapointment going on. Mothers, seize this day, make it your own, get what you want, have it be fun fun fun! The mates and kids in our lives just might not be that good at anticipating our desires (and in knowing that they're no that good at it, might awkwardly drift away and do nothing, causing even more angst) but if you can take charge in a positive, happy way and make your wants known... that's boffo, that's brilliant.

Mostly what I want for Mother's Day is blessed alone time. Is that sad?? I just want to saturate my self in silence, beautiful silence... and I feel like I love to get this day which is like a free pass for me to go out to coffee by myself, go on a long walk through some beautiful be-gardened neighborhood by myself, pleasure and please myself every which way I can (because I'm the Mama and I DO deserve it, as do you...) and then, oh glory of glories, home to a clean house and beaming children and dinner already made.... well I'm not totally sure about the last three things, but there you go, that's my fantasy.

If you feel so inclined, share, share! What's yours?


outlawjosywales said...


That's the only way to do it- in my humble opinion : )
I was talking to my grandmother and she asked what I was doing for the day, and I told her I just wanted some time to myself, maybe go window shopping at a pretty place or go to the plant nursery, and she was so amazed that I was making time for myself. She said it took her a long time in her marriage before she was able to fill those needs for herself. I hope more mamas are finding out how to do it while they are still young : )

Happy Mother's Day Kami.
Hope you have a quiet one.


Bernadette said...

I kept waiting for the magic to happen then finally realized I had to make it on my own! And that magic can be the most, most satisfying. I like to celebrate by being with a bunch of other mamas I know and love. Sharing, eating, drinking and just being together celebrating our role (away from our kids of course!)