Sunday, April 19, 2009

Superhero suits and a home for the worms

Gramma Grubb arrived from the wilds of Pennsylvania and brought with her two homemade superhero costumes for these superhero-obsessed young men. Since I am loathe to lay the storebought ones upon them ( I don't even know why I bother to resist, or bother to care as it's just a passing phase and a sure-enough harmless one at that) I tempted her with this pattern I found on Etsy. This way they look super cute and since I'm the one who mainly has to look at them, I won't mind if they wear them ten thousand days out of the year.

In other news, we made a home for some worms (who were probably pretty satisfied with their living situation before we pried them from the cozy mud) in my science class on Thursday, but that was pre-rain and we were a little low on worms so Bruno and Jack and I had another little dig for some wormie friends to add to our collection. We found a whole bunch so when our friends return next week for class we'll be able to observe hopefully a whole lot of tunnels and earthworm activity. This earthworm observatory is very easy and fun to make. Add pebbles to the bottom so if too much water is added it will be able to run to the bottom, worms don't like TOO soggy of an environment. Now layer sand and soil 'til you get to the top, then top it off with a handful of dry leaves, because that's what your worms like to eat. Set your worms right on top and they'll burrow their way down right before your eyes. Tape a piece of paper around your jar.... that way the worms will venture closer to the side as it won't be too bright. And you will be able to observe their wormie rendez-vous when you remove the paper to check in with your pals. Spritz with water and add new leaves if necessary and set them free within a week... enjoy your time with your invertebrate friends from the underworld.


Antonia said...

Those new suits are awesome, and it looks like they fit perfectly. Well done, Gramma!

mama said...

Those suits are too CUTE!!