Friday, April 3, 2009

Do you want this??

I mean like, seriously. You can totally have it. I went to a garage sale and I paused for a moment to admire it and the woman told me I could have it. I absolutely love it... I love the era, I love the look, I love that it folds in so neat and compact, I love that it smells like my grandpa... but I'm trying to be more realistic than fantastical these days, and realistically, I'm probably not going to fix it (it totally works, but something is not hooked up to the speakers, so it doesn't 'play' in the way where you can actually hear the music, which you might want from a record player) (I'm pretty sure this would be easy to fix, though), and I'm probably not going to be toting around my handy-dandy little record player to spin discs and cut a rug everywhere I go. I am loathe to kick it to the curb, though. Does anyone have room for this record player in their lives? Zero bucks. Free. It's yours. Take it! You know you want it.


Anonymous said...

pick me! pick me! (waving hand frantically in the air)

i emailed you privately


word verification: bulist, someone who is an elite bully

Sharon said...

Funny...I had a dream about this last night.