Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pemission to Play: GRANTED

I've been reading Lynda Barry's fabulous What it Is, as I've mentioned before. I'm also all about my li'l paradigm shift for this year, "24 hours a day of love and play".... and trying to figure how to do that, and what that means. I just read this little jot in the back of the Lynda Barry book, "Play for kids is what creative concentration is for adults". That really rang true for me... though I don't think it would apply to all adults... but I've just been thinking about this all a lot these last few days. About how somewhere along the line we gave away our right to play. And then we forgot how. I mean, how to really really REALLY play, the way we see our kids do. No one has to tell them how to do it or what to do, if it's time to play, they just go to it. I want more of this in my life! More freedom, more time to just mess around, really have fun, with no particular end point or outcome in mind.

I am also a lucky, lucky gal these last few days, because I have these fabulous in-laws, that unfortunately live rawther far away and we only see them once or twice a year, but when they do come, hoo boy, watch out, because Kami is going to go to town. With extra hands to help out with the housework and the childcare, I really do get a taste of that delicious freedom I've heard so much about. Yesterday I got to go out to coffee by myself and I ended up working more on that zine I started at that workshop last week... I spent two hours deliciously immersed in a completely pointless and insanely fun project... I felt like I had time to make mistakes, try new things, do things that might come out stupid lookin'... I had so much fun I can't even tell you. I don't even know the last time I've been so absorbed, so totally gleeful. I ended up going out AGAIN in the evening, to a coffeeshop, for more of the same, then even continued back at the house after the kids were abed... just so much fun.

I feel some trepidation, that after the in laws leave, I won't have permission any more to be stupid, mess around, have fun, and do what I want.... but I tell you what. I'll give you all permission, if you give it to me.

Everyone's mom said it was OK to go out and play! Now go!


Bernadette said...

Go out and play Kami! I was talking to Kiera today about setting up a monthly mama craft day (her brilliant idea) and having a few 11 year old girls there to wrangle kids.

Nicole said...

i am not always good about this, but i must say that amid all the identity changing of becoming a parent, what i have probably enjoyed the most is the excuse to play. yesterday i hesitated briefly before also sticking my hands in paint for a finger painting for my husband's bday with my son. and i just learned recently bouncy houses are so much fun! so i guess play WITH your child might be different than what you are getting at. i just need to step away from the computer to allow myself more time to just have "free" time where nothing is expected!