Monday, April 6, 2009

Spinning top!

My pal Doerte came over today to work on some projects for our upcoming Woodshop for Children class. We did this project from Jack McKee's book and it was dazzlingly easy, once we had the proper tools. The project called for a hole saw, which is a drill attachment that you can buy at Harbor Freight on S. Lamar. I actually got a whole set of hole saws of different sizes for around 7 dollars, I was rather pleased. So once we had this, we discovered that not only would it quickly saw out a perfectly round circle of wood, but it would drill a hole in the center at the same time. From there, all you must do is cut a thinnish dowel to your preferred length, sharpen the end to a dull point with a pencil sharpener, push it or pound it through the hole, sand, oil, and/or decorate as you please, then spin spin away!!

A very satisfying and fun project that introduces some cool skills like sanding and drilling.
Oh and I must add that Doerte is drilling in the background of this video, the top is not making that sound!

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