Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The kids were cute at Dottie Jordan park

This is our second visit to Dottie Jordan park on Loyola off Springdale, and we enjoyed it quite a lot. There's this fantastic creek that runs all through the park and then wanders off way out deep into the neighborhood... we went on a little adventure following it down as far as we could go. We got stuck at one point because the creek was too wide and deep and we couldn't make it around. And also there was a woman quietly observing us from her yard who informed us that we were on private property. Jack was quite surprised that we had been 'grounded' as he kept saying. And I don't really know about this private property business, I thought the middle of any body of water could not be possessed. Anyway, there was quite a lot of creek that was for sure-ly public domain so went back up there. Much of this creek bed and cliffs are made of that soft soft shale that shatters easily, and you can even break it with your hands. I think this is the perfect place to come if your kid has a lot of anger or tension... just bust up rocks and kick and spit for as long as needed.

I absolutely love where I live but I really lust for one of these houses that backs up to the creek. I just think that would really be the life, for a kid... bust out the back door after school, go down to the creek and play all up and down it with your friends. So fun.

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