Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Antonia

Well, she's not really mine, but I just had to say that.

Antonia is a beautiful genius that came to visit me recently. When I was nineteen, lo these many years gone by, I moved in with her family to nanny her and her brother... mainly Kilian (who was 2) really because Antonia was 9 and I only saw for a few hours in the afternoon. She was so fun and smart and creative, it was so much fun when she got home.

So fast forward oh, only about fourteen years (choke! gasp!) and we've long been out of contact, and Antonia called me up out of the blue to say she was actually in Austin visiting a friend. I can't really explain how emotional it was to see her again but of course you can imagine. Nannying is intense; I really loved these kids, and we shared such a significant part of our lives. And then when it's time to move on, what are you to each other? They're not your kids, and they're more than just your friend... is she my kiend? She's my friend, but I also feel so much pride and extra-special interest in her development... and may I just say that she has turned out so extra-specially FABULOUS. Not that I take credit for this AT ALL, but I don't think you could exactly credit her ma and sorta strange growing-up environment, not really the most nourishing or stimulating environment as I know she would freely admit, I credit only Antonia for making herself into a straight-up awesome individual, nourishing her own inner brilliance, however it was that she did it. She's tall (really tall!) and beautiful as you can see, and super funny and confident and wants to own a goat and lives in Chicago and has a blog called the veganesque life, and, get this, SHE'S A NANNY!! The nannied has become the nanny. I can't believe it. And she totally loves her kids, too, it was obvious by the was she spoke of them. This factor also contributed to making the visit extra perfect, because she was so so fun and cool and played with my kids. Like really played. You know that thing, where you reconnect with an old friend or are hooking up with a new friend or whatever, but they don't really know about kids, and they're just kind of awkward and tuned-out about the young ones and it's all uncomfortable.... well, as if I didn't already feel warm and fuzzy enough, well, now I'm just a puddle of mush on the floor for Antonia. I love you Antonia! Move to Austin, raise goats in the hill country, seek out your culinary adventures (how a vegetable-loving vegan (esque) person came out of that house where all they ate was wheat chex, mac and cheez, and pepperoni, I'll NEVER know....), play with my kids, be my kiend!
Hmmm, that word doesn't seem quite right... how about child +buddy = chuddy? Be my chuddy? No.... how about this. I'll be your fun, young(ish) aunt.... that seems about right.

Now when I reconnect with 18 year old Kilian, my mind will REALLY be blown....

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Antonia said...

Aw shucks.

*tears welling up*