Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book out!

That title is meant to be kinda like, "Rock out!" but what with 'book' inserted instead... but instead it looks like I'm proudly exclaiming that I have a book out, which is misleading... but quite dreamy....

Anyway, the spoils of a late night lust-a-thon with Amazon arrived today... you know how I was rattling on about The Toy Book by Steve Caney recently? Well, I discovered that he actually written three more books, and I ordered them all. That's right, once again Amazon had it's way with me, and I was powerless to resist.
I know the kid on the cover of Kids' America looks psychotic ( I would urge them to reissue this with a different cover photo) but it's got SO many great ideas for things to make and wonderful games. And the building one... it really is the ultimate. If your kid likes to build, don't hesitate... you need this for your library. I actually haven't received the Invention one yet... but I'm pretty cotton pickin' sure I'm gonna love it.

I also ordered American Elf 3 by James Kochalka ( I DO love American Elf SO much!!) and Studs Terkel's Working: a graphic adaptation by Harvey Pekar (of American Splendor... which of course I also love... and wow so much America today!) but I'm just going to read 'em real quick and then send 'em on to my bro for his birthday, 'cause I regift like that.

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Nicole B. said...

that is SO funny b/c i JUST found the kids' america stuff in my books from growing up, so i'll have to take a closer look!