Saturday, May 22, 2010

A real honest-to-goodness LOGO!

My heart's fondest desire... a real logo for this li'l ol' school of mine. I truly realized the impact a great logo could have when this super kind and talented woman Christy Carroll donated her time to create the Austin Creative Reuse logo. I was just so amazed at what she able to whip up seemingly out of thin air... and at how it just seemed to give what, until that point was just ideas, substance and personality, really made it real.
Anyway, in my pure ignorance about graphic design and what all I wrote her about my desire for a really great logo. I should add that I really don't know her at all, she is a friend of one of the other Austin Creative Reuse-ers. She really kindly wrote back and said she was no longer freelance, was now working for Ptarmak & Associates, but she would be happy to discuss it with them, and how much was my budget exactly?
Well, my 'budget' is so completely laughable I can't really even mention it here, and when I talked to my husband about it he further continued to laugh me out of town. No top notch place was going to be willing to design something awesome for me for the few shekels I have to my name. I wrote Christy back and thanked for her time, and said maybe I'd contact her down the line.
Then the stars really did align as they seem to continue to do.... and she sent me this logo gratis, said her boss just up and made it and wanted to give it to me.... what the what the what the WHAT?? Well, thanks dudes. I'm really really thankful. Another instance where it just REALLY does not hurt to ask.
And oh yeah, if you'd like to join the facebook group, click here. Ooh la la, we're just getting fancier and fancier around here!


Melody said...

Love the logo. It's just perfect. And you really can't beat free. Nice work.

Kami said...

Yes, free is quite reasonable. Thanks Melody!