Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Austin Creative Reuse gets crafty

I had the fun of hosting a crafty night with my friends from Austin Creative Reuse last night. We were just kind of experimenting around with some materials and ideas... it was pretty much a dream come true for me because all I almost ever want to do is just get out a bunch of art supplies and play around and chatting with friends is just icing on the cake. Oh and by the way I've never even really had a space in the last seven years to host a friendly little gathering like this after hours... our house is just too small and even the tiniest little ruckus would wake up the children. So we got to christen our new room, unfinished as it may be, with an evening of craftiness and play. Excellent juju, I must say. I've been dying to play around with these amazing new ideas she's been working with over at Filth Wizardry. Always such a wealth of really fresh new ideas and fun stuff over there.
I also discovered that my little handheld die cutter, which is very useful but a little disappointing in that it's not quite strong enough to even cut cardboard, will actually cut the aluminum from a tin can! It was awfully hard to get a decent picture of the garland (esp. since my photography skills are virtually nil) but it really was kind of beautiful if I do say so myself, the way it caught the light and would spin like crazy at the slightest breeze. Kind of a neat sun catcher or way to startle birds if you'd rather they not rest on your tomato plants, etc.
I didn't really make anything super interesting with the fused plastic, but I'm excited to play around with the concept a whole lot more. We also tried this process... infinite possibilities!

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Sherry and Donna said...

Kami I saw that Teacher Tom picked up on this idea. I love it! As sun catchers they will look irresistible!.
Donna :) :)