Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adios dear Tigerlily!!

This year Bruno has been going to the sweetest little preschool ever. Nicole and Marie are just the best... so gentle and thoughtful and aware and present and creative and fun. And they got mad skills when it comes to helping these young ones sort through their emotions, deal with conflicts with friends, learn stuff, and all sorts of other wonderful things. Today was the last day and Eli and Bruno will be on to other schools and experiences next year. So hard to leave it all behind! For me at least, I feel like I wish we could all just stay in cozy sweet nurturing Tigerlily world forever. Nicole wrote this BEAUTIFUL song about her little Tigerlilies....

...TEARS!! Such sweetness and such good memories. Tigerlily we love you!


Sherry and Donna said...

Oh wow I wish I could not only sing like Nicole but I'd love to be able to write my children a song each year however, it's not going to happen I'm afraid. Song writing is definitely not my thing ... Hmmm perhaps I could plagiarize ... I mean BORROW Nicole's song!?!? hee hee

Kami said...

Don't worry about it Donna, you live in Australia, she'll never know!! ;)

Just kidding, I'm so totally sure that Nicole would be thrilled to give you her song to be revamped for your kids/school... if you so wished. Spread the good songs and love around!