Sunday, May 16, 2010

Banging wall/ modular screen

My friend Bernadette brought by this big stack of used drum heads for me the other day. There's this place, Ecology Action, near my house that is this wonderful big recycling center and then they also have a free box where people can leave interesting tidbits that other people might be able to use. Bernadette kindly thought I might could make use of these drum heads and I did immediately have this idea for them. Actually I had thought of inviting the kids to bang on them but it came out looking so kind of nice and modern that I think I might leave that for awhile... my kids tend to take things to such an extreme sometimes I am sure they'll all be punctured soon enough. But a banging wall like this would really look groovy in my dream reuse playground (for Austin Tinkering School? or Austin Creative Reuse?) we'll definitely have to make use of this idea. Especially since my newest idea is to have some sort of School of Rock as part of the school.... tinkering, adventure scouts, and rocking out all day? Sounds like a dream life to me. And then we'd have plenty of used drum heads to spare.


jenny said...

I love it! I've just been blogging about wanting a banging wall and so happy to find some more inspiration. You have my mind whirling.

Kami said...

Awesome, Jenny! I drilled little holes through the rims and just twisted a bit of wire through to hold them together... it was very easy and quick.

Anna said...

That is so so awesome. I need this at my house.... actually, my son needs this at our house!