Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bla, bla, bla

I feel like I'm letting this blog go to the dogs and I'm just attempting to write anything... just anything... as it seems that the longer I let go between posts the harder it is to get back on that old blogging horse. But what to write about? No tidy topics spring to mind, once again it seems there's just the messy gobbledygook of life. I've been considering admitting that the holidays sucked a little bit which I think is kind of out of the norm for This Kind of Blog. Seems like if you're a mama crafty blog you should be full of warm glow-y photos a la Soulemama and delightful handmade gifts but this year it just didn't unfold according to the template. I guess it just was that the kids were just kind of fight-y and challenging to be with for about 3/4 of December so I ended up feeling just ground down to a nub and generally irate that we didn't match up to the template but also kind of realizing that this kind of thinking does absolutely no one any good... so I tried to just kind of roll with it and not worry too much about the fact that we weren't doing much holidays-y and that my posting on this blog was mighty sparse especially as compared to last year, and as far as keeping up with old Soulemama I've fallen farther behind than ever. I decided that rather than fret that Christmas was not Christmassy enough, and that this blog was not ChristmasCraftyMamaBloggy enough, to just let go and let all those expectations go all to heck... just breathe and meditate and accept my kids as they are even when that's mighty hard to do... connect with friends, let some silence in, walk in nature and fill my lungs with fresh air.... bit my tongue even when they'd be being so gosh darn rascally and I really really REALLY found myself wanting to bellow something about Santa and coal in stockings.... read my good spirtual-y books that help me get inspired, help me get centered.... all that jazz. It all helps and Christmas loomed and then crested and afterwards it seemed like after a hellish first week of winter break we all settled into each other and we started having fun again. The big boys were playing non stop with minimal shrieking and hurting. They went to a sleepover and when they came back the reunion between Bruno and Henny was truly heart melting. Henny with a huge delighted smile wanting to pat Bruno's face and Bruno repeating rapturously over and over, "I missed you little Honey, I missed you little Honey...." So as it ended up we may have had less of the Kodak moments this season but it all came out in the wash and we had lots of goodness, lots of sweetness, lots of good memories... just more of the same, the ebbs and flows of family life, and just because it's Christmas doesn't make that go away, in fact I think they're probably more pronounced... it's like what I sometimes say, that having kids doesn't exactly make you happier per se... you have higher highs and but oh some very low lows.... it's just the zigzaggy ride that we signed up for.

So there you have it... my little spiel. I managed to write something after all. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this blog rolling along.... we'll just have to see, shan't we? AHhhhHHHhhh so very glad this lovely fresh new year is here... doesn't it feel so good, so refreshing? It's gonna be a good one.


Bernadette said...

Soule mama probably didn't make some killer creamy tequila cocktail for her mama friends to drink around the fire either so perhaps it's her that's not up to YOUR standards! Happy twenty-ten Kami! You're the best. And by the way, you mentioned in passing that you might want to change your name one day and the very next day I got an email from a woman named Petra and I thought, "Kami could be a Petra."

Kitten Muffin said...

Hiya, I came back to visit your blog not two days ago and saw all the great stuff you've been up to! Fantastic work on the reuse center organizing! I popped over to the East Bay place after reading and picked up a load of cheap as chips paper for the kid army. Not been to the SF one yet, so that's next!

I'm happy to not have precious cosy holiday crafty by the fire stuff going on over here. Someone would end up on fire! It's all I can do to q-tip the glitter out of my ears each morning.

Have added you to my rss feed so that I don't forget to come back to you for ages again!

Kami said...

Aw, Bernadette, thank you, thank you!! Soulemama probably DID serve her friends a creamy drink with milk she pulled from the teats of her very own dairy cow, but my mission I believe this year is to just love her and accept her rather than feel threatened by her as is my wont. Thanks for reminding me I want to change my name! I think that really might be my challenge, this year. I was remembering that I really liked the name Dzama (which is actually the last name of an artist I like). I just really dig silent d's, like in Django Reinhardt. Happy 2010 to you too dear friend, I am so fortunate to know you!

Kami said...

Kitten Muffin, I feel so completely honored that you came and checked out my blog and even left a nice complimentary comment to boot.... really, I was practically swooning today! I think your blog is so completely cool and last time I looked at it I couldn't believe the multitude of fantastic ideas, I wanted to try every one. Don't know if you saw this or not but I have a whole other blog devoted specific to reuse, www.mungojungle.blogspot.com. Wow I'm jealous you can just pop over to East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse... I'm just dying to go there someday and check it out. Ah well, I guess if it was in my vicinity I'd have no reason to create such a place in my 'hood, and no joie de vivre and no reason to live, really, and would probably just wither up and die. Anyway, thanks SO much for stopping by! In my eyes you have celebrity status... for being up to your eyeballs in creativity and mad skillz.