Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Progress on the dollhouse creeps along...

I'm still dead set on making my marvelous modern dollhouse a reality, but it is moving at a snail's pace, a bit. You'd think it'd be fully furnished by now, wouldn't you. It's just difficult because, as many of you mamas out there (or other people pinched for time and space) well know, by the time you get all your stuff out and set up to work you've got about fifteen minutes before you have to put everything away again. Yesterday I was in pure paradise when I found myself with time on my hands and I got the dollhouse out, got out various power tools and had to search around for the proper drill bit and find a long enough extension cord.... I finally made one cut and what do you suppose but the mister pulled up in the drive with the children in tow. Oh woe. But seriously, it wasn't that bad because I really was able to finally make the bunk bed that I'd been scheming on. Oh and I realize now I probably haven't featured the amazing concrete countertop that my friend Eric Billig made for me... I guess I just raved about it on Facebook. Do you see the teeny tiny faucet (a bent nail) and sink? And the tiny little cabinet pulls? This picture does not do it justice, at all. I feel so incredibly honored that this dude with the Super Skills and Amazingly Creative Super Powers shared some of them with me... the guy is funny, he is nice, he's an Awesome Papa.... and if you have any shekels to spare, go buy some of his furniture, it's unbelievable.
Only problem is it's a bit much to live up to... Chez Wilt has looked so ultra modern with it's sleek countertop and not much else... I think I just have to be OK with the fact that it's all downhill from the countertop but since I'm really just in it for the experience I guess that doesn't matter at all! So if I share with you that my dollhouse is looking progressively dorkier but I'm having a ball, then you'll know I'm on the right track.

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Liane said...

I love your dollhouse! I want to make one too but I am afraid of cutting my fingers off. Are you using nails or??