Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was lucky enough to have a mid-December mama gathering, where the men folk and kid folk were sent off to fend for themselves, and some very excellent mamas came to my house to quaff a few fine wintry brews or sip my sweet and creamy tequila drink that I love to make in the winter-time, Cola de Mono... sit around the fire and laugh and confess and talk...
a well-deserved respite from the stresses of the season. To add a dash of gravity to the conversation I had some paper and pens out so that (if we wanted) we could write what we were ready to let go of for the new year and toss it into the fire, to watch that dastardly old albatross sizzle and go up in smoke. How satisfying.
I also had these little slips of paper on which I suggested that we might write our wishes for the new year... and tie them in our nectarine tree... for the wind and rain to wear away over time. Did you know I was such a taskmaster when it comes to the woo woo stuff? Are you afraid to come over now because I'll say, "I thought since you were coming over anyway, we'd do some journaling and maybe a guided meditation or two"? Well watch out, I just might. No no, it just seems fun (and of course just even figuring out what it is that you want increases the likelihood of it happening, but you all know that) and anyway, there was plenty to talk about and we didn't even get around to that, and then suddenly it was rather late, my family arrived back home and everyone took that as their cue to rumble on out of there, I got called inside for a sad baby, and everyone went on their merry way. It wasn't until the next morning that I had the startling and pleasant surprise to see all the wishes hanging from my nectarine tree!! I just love that. Your wishes are safe with me, ladies. And out there for the universe to see, and take into consideration. 2010, baby, all the way!
And also, to prep for this awesome new decade, I took the awesome best year yet class with Carrie Contey. Took it last year, loved it, back for more. This is my motto that I came up with in that class for the year to come. I really love it. I feel like it's huge for me. There's so much that I love to do, and yet I piss away quite a lot of my time doing stupid stuff on the internet, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. How fun and amazing it will be when I get that time back for actual fun stuff. I way prefer this to a new year's resolution... instead of grimly chastising myself for my failures as a human being, and solemnly vowing to do better (and almost certainly failing), this makes me all jazzed about the goodness I'm going to receive by bringing awareness to that area of my life. And gently, slowly, lovingly shifting towards something that's more healthy, more fruitful, more dynamic, more zowie for me and my family. So yeah, if you can dig it it's not too late, well I mean, it is too late to take Carrie's class unfortunately (which is really the best way, in my opinion), but you can get the book, and Best-Year-Yet it up your own fine self. You won't regret it. It's so cool, and just think... all the things we spend time racing around doing, but just taking a few hours to reflect on the year that has past and what we want for the year to come? And drawing up a little action plan? I think you've got that much time to spare.

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