Sunday, November 6, 2011

Print making with artist Cathy Savage!

Man, my artisan field trip class passed by in a flash... all six weeks of it. This was my third time leading this class... it's been pretty much a dream come true because I enjoy nothing more than getting to scope out inner sanctums where real artists do their thing (which is why I love E.A.S.T. so much). Just one more thing to love about Austin... how many amazing artists were willing to open their doors to a bunch of wily kids and let us lay our hands on all their special things. These photos are from a visit with Cathy Savage and Carolyn Kimball at Women Printmakers of Austin. They did gelatin printmaking with us... it was really fun and amazing, and such fine and detailed prints were achieved. Would be easy to do at home, too, here's a little more info about how to do it.


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