Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More camp!

SoooOOoooOOooo.... we also made moon sand.... which the kids ended up adding water to but it was all so incredibly absorbing and messy and deeply fascinating that of course I let them have at it. Then in a kind of ode to our wonderful friends over at Filth Wizardry we did three projects I've found over there (an unceasing fount of inspiration over there, it seems): light sabers, a giant geo board, and then, unpictured (as you can see, it's nearly impossible for me to snap good photos, being a miserable phototographer under the best of circumstances and then usually there's a sad toddler clawing at my leg and ooblek flying left and right and it's suddenly starting to rain [oh the RAIN that threatened to fall during this camp, not at all what I envisioned when I scheduled this camp 2 months ago... since when does it RAIN in central Texas in late June??? Though, you know, thank God for the rain, we need it) and the photos get REALLY slapdash]), a kind of riff on Filth Wizardry's ultra cool glow in the dark wall. They painted a wall in their house with glow in the dark paint, and then made UV light pens with which to 'draw' on the wall. I was able to turn this into a take-home project by having the kids paint a piece of foam-core board with the glow in the dark paint (which you can buy for just $8 or so at Home Depot) and then make a super easy light pen by attatching a UV LED to a 3V coin cell battery. I had ordered a bunch of UV LED's but you can actually buy them at Radio Shack for about 2 dollars for a pack of two if you're so inclined....
Anyway, bla bla bla.... this was such an ultra cool group of kids and I miss them already!

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Natalie said...

Wonder and awe!
Gever has linked to this page before, and I am so glad he shared your blog, because I am discovering a whole mess of fun here!
Now to search for moon sand recipes!