Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Actually good summer

These past few weeks have been treating us real swell. I feel like (knock wood! knockwoodknockwoodknockwood!) we're living my dream of what summer could be (well my REAL dream would include a lot more of myself just lying around by the water reading my book... maybe in a few years). The past few summers have been probably particularly hellacious because reality never matches up to my fantasy of wonderful relaxed times and outdoor times and playing with friends and swimming lots and watermelon and popsicles and corn on the cob... you know the drill, that dreamy, Tom Sawyer meets Martha Stewart type of kid summer. And what I've gotten mostly is some little bits of fun here and there but still LOTS of fighting and screaming and tantrums and craziness that basically make ME break down in tears (of joy on the first day of school when I realize I won't have to face it all again for nine glorious months). I seriously have been really worried and upset at times, wondering why we couldn't be living the Slow Family dream that I want to be living, so much. This year it's going so much better and I realize now, well DUH. Now that I have just a tad of perspective on the situation I realize that my kids have been incredibly YOUNG. And they're still incredibly young but thankfully just not quite so young as before. I've had to tote one baby or another around for the last 7 years.... FINALLY, I've got this really cool little crew who can do loads of things for themselves... I don't have to be in charge of every single little last thing. And we can go out and do things and it's more likely to be fun than completely harrowing. I am super psyched about this turn of events. We have been having a really dreamy, lazy, fun, wholesome time. Riding bikes to the pool every single day. Playing in the creek with friends, going on other excursions to some of the extra rapturous swimming holes of Austin, TX. Ahhh. Looking forward to many more summers just like it.
Haven't managed to take any photos of it all, really, but on a hot tip from a friend we made it down to the river last night for the hatching of the Mayflies. It was really cool. Bruno just loves bugs. I think they bring out his maternal side.


Janna said...

So nice to hear a story that resonates so. My youngest has just weaned (at almost 3) and I am just starting to feel a little bit of breathing room after 11 years of it. I have to admit though, that it does make me sad to remember how much I used to love summer and now it seems to go so fast, and that's not such a bad thing.

Sherry and Donna said...

Kami I LOVE your honesty!
I remember having the very same feelings but not being nearly as honest about them as you are.
Enjoy the rest of you summer!
Donna :) :)

Kami said...

THANK you Donna!

Kami said...

Janna! I read your blog and loved it. Your kids match up almost perfectly with mine AND you're a crafty sort! Can we hang out sometime? What part of town do you live in? I realized you were a mom I met ever so briefly at the tinkering class... and your son must have been one of the two that arrived together, I enjoyed working with those guys so much. Anyway, seems like I'm always looking for some great family to match up with mine but big(gish) families are in short supply it seems... hopefully we can meet at a park sometime, OR please do come to a crafty night with me and some other friends....! Hope I'm not being too forward... I'm harmless, I swear it. Thanks for your comment!

Ms. Erin's HeartRoom said...

Thanks for your honesty! I have ONE and I wonder how I will get through another minute, let alone the day with all temper tantrums (do you know my child will throw food on the ground so that he can pick it up and eat it on the run, that is how much he does not want to sit and eat! AAAAHHHH) lol :)