Monday, July 5, 2010

Just a whole whole lot of messy messy fun

We did splatter painting and painting-painting (which of course disintegrated into full-body painting and everything-else painting), a kind of communal collage, playing with shaving cream (which I could have pretended was some sort of art project or something but I'd just be kidding myself... it was just pure messy fun... and it was very very fun), and turning the gigantic pile of dirt I just happened to have in my backyard into, as Arlo called it, "Mt. Everest Volcano Island" complete with roads, trucks, trees, cars, little people and bridges strategically placed for the truly epic baking soda and vinegar volcanic explosion... the kind you only hear about in myths and legend. SO, this was some of the stuff we did... nothin' fancy, but I do believe the kids had themselves a time.


Sherry and Donna said...

Kami, I must be honest and admit I did not read one word you wrote in this post ... I didn't have to because those pictures tell the story ... fun, fun, FUN!!!!
Donna :) :)

Melissa Little said...

OMG, Maybe we need an adult tinkering camp;D
I feel so happy that Diego was able to attend. Thanks for all of your wonderfulness, Kami!

Katherine marie said...

What a beautiful MESS!!! I wish I had found you when we lived close to Austin!!

Kami said...

Thanks y'all! You're right, Melissa... Camp Messy for adults, on the schedule for next year :) Maybe you can fly in, Katherine Marie ...? ;)