Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Preschool Camp

Otherwise known as Science, Art and Cooking Camp for ages 1-3... otherwise otherwise known as Camp Kamalamadingdong....We've been painting, making playdough, making peanut butter playdough (that's our little mudkitten sitting on the table in the middle of it all eating the raisins we used for decorating), swam a whole bunch, pushed dollbabies around in strollers a whole bunch, played in the sand box a whole bunch, and made rocket balls... this is a really easy and fun toy you can make by cutting the leg off some hose or tights (I found a whole lot of cheap cool stripey ones at Savers, still in the package so you don't have to feel all skeeved out or nothin') knot one end, shove a tennis ball down to the end, tie a knot on the other side of the tennis ball securing it in place, and then you can whip it around and throw it quite far, or just bounce it around like a yo yo, whatever your pleasure may be.

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