Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One year...

..of life with this little angel-pie. There really is no endearment potent enough to encapsulate the dearness of our little dear, so we end up calling her all sorts of different combos of angel pie sweetie muffin cake but nothing really comes close to describing how utterly sweet and darling she is. Opinionated, climb-y, wild, spunky, fearless, and fierce, too.

365 days ago at this time we were all nestling into bed with our new little baby-o. Her birth was kind of exciting and fun, you can read the birth story here, Matt wrote it.


Antonia said...

Happy Birthday, Hennie!

And look at her standing up - such a big girl!

Bernadette said...

Happy birthday baby! So glad to know you the little bit I do.

Katy said...

First, omg that look on pretty little Henrietta's face while she's holding on to Matt's feet is just ridiculous. I swear she couldn't be much sweeter.
Second, Matt's birth story cracked me up --"Catch the baby! Catch the baby!!" Love it. What an experience.
Miss you, chica. Hope to see you soon.