Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gustafer Yellowgold

Way back ten million years ago around the dawn of Time when I lived in NYC, I worked at The Living Room and Morgan Taylor was the sound man there, he fell in love with the amazing Rachel Loshak who played there often... Fast forward ten million years to present time and Morgan Taylor has created Gustafer Yellowgold to great acclaim and reknown, and Rachel and Morgan are married and have a baby, Harvey Valentine (best name ever, am I right?). Anyway, Morgan will be performing these songs tomorrow (Sunday the 28th) at the Arboretum Barnes and Noble. And then I get to hang out with them and see their sweet little new little baby boy. I can't wait! I had such great memories with these guys... Rachel in silver pants dancing on the bar (very out of character for this gentle, soft spoken soul), acting in short films with Morgan for some cable access show my ex was making... ('Big Knees on Marco Polo", "Big Knees on Emily Post"... man those were funny) and so much great music, so many great shows by both of them. Anyway, check out the show... it's free and it will surely be hugely enjoyable for young and old.


mockstar said...

10 million years ago? Seems like yesterday! Hi Kami!

Love from David Poe

Kami said...

Maybe not exactly ten million, but, somewhere back there in the mesozoic era...

David! We miss you. I always buy your albums. Remember playfighting to 'Iron Man' at the Sly Fox? Big love from deep in the heart of Texas.