Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some sort of blogging contest...

Top 25 Creative Moms - help me win!

Well, I've been nominated for this top 25 creative moms blogging contest and it's all kind of pleasantly excruciating... of course it is really nice to get attention about this little labor of love I got going on here but it kind of makes me cringe because my little labor of love is not really all that... let's be honest here, my photography skills are abominable and often I'm writing bleary-eyed at the end of a long day and don't have the will to critique the writing. Those blog posts that wrap up in kind of a tidy, satisfying way? Those aren't mine. And try as I might I can't fake that spark that really excellent writers seem to bandy about at every opportunity. Anyway, though I like to fly below the radar with this blog, for whatever reason it's being thrust into the spotlight a little, so if you feel so inclined, why dontcha go over there and rock the vote? I'm in the company of many, many other terrifically splendid blogs (Filth Wizardry! Irresistible Ideas for Play-based Learning! My friends!)and it seems that you can vote once a day, so feel free to spread the voting love around.

The top three will be announced on March 11th and will get to share their favorite craft or design with their active community of creative moms in a custom issue of their weekly digest. Wheeee!!

And, in typical Kami fashion, I seem to have accidentally created two profiles for myself on the site. Hopefully they'll fix it for me but if they don't, it's just one more example of how I'm SO not Soulemama (as if you had any doubt).


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

I voted for you and I think you're pretty awesome !! : )

Nicole B. said...

done, mama!

Kami said...

Thanks so much, MaryLea! Love your blog!

And thanks SO much as always for everything Nicole! And I totally have Will's coonskin cap... can I bring it to your mom?