Saturday, March 5, 2011

Purely, purely awesome all 'round!

Check out this guy's book, I know you will love it: you can read it in its entirety here.

As if that wasn't cool enough, now he travels the world doing readings and giving his book away for free:

Awesome Book Tour from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.

And if THAT isn't cool ENOUGH, dude is coming to Austin to do a reading for Austin Tinkering School at 10 am on March 19th:

An Awesome Book of Thanks! from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.

aHhhhhhhhh! Levels of awesome off the charts! Making my eyeballs melt, practically!

SO excited. And this happened really suddenly... I wrote him awhile ago and then suddenly a few days ago he wrote and said they'd be here at 10 am on March 19th. I had tried to tempt him to Austin and ATS by saying we'd do something cool and tinker-y like build him an awesome treehouse and we could do the reading up in the trees. Uhhh.... that is such Kami style to run off at the mouth and then wonder how in the heck she is going to deliver. I think I came up with a pretty cool plan, though. Reed Park is this awesome park in Austin, we always have our kids' birthday parties there. There are these beautiful live oaks with huge spreading branches over this sweet little meandering creek. I still have to go check it out and see if it'll work for my vision, but I'm imagining tricking it out kind of kid-Swiss Family Robinson, with rope ladders and swings hanging down, and maybe some structures or platforms we'll make with our beloved lashing technique. Anyway, not sure what I'll actually do, or if we'll be able to give Dallas a tinkering experience or not (I'm sure he's fine either way). But what is for sure is that you must mark your calendars right this instant, 'cause it's going to be SO. Much. FUN! And if you've never taken a tinkering class with me... that's OK, I forgive you, you're still invited. Come one come all! I'm sure this guy would never skimp on the awesome. See you there.


jenny @ let the children play said...

Awesome-ness all around :) What an inspiring guy and I love the book.

Nicole B. said...

What a great book! Hope we can make it to the reading.