Friday, March 5, 2010

Ron Mueck

In some after dinner bloggy wanderings I came across this guy:
I just think his work is so strange and beautiful... and don't get me wrong... very, very disturbing. But very cool.

It reminds me of this, which I also am so completely enamored with:


Kitten Muffin said...

Can you just please move in next door to us?! We need to hang out! I've had a half written post on a project we did after the kids were so enamoured with the giant and little giantess performance! It's been loitering in my unpublished area for months because there are about a squillion photos associated with it and I haven't pulled it all together. I really should, especially now that I know you'll probably get a kick out of it!

Ron Mueck's work has fascinated me for a long time. I watched a documentary on him and how he works quite some time ago and really enjoyed it.

Anna said...

We saw an installation of Mueck's work at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth a couple years ago. It was even more fascinating/disturbing in person. I really loved it!

Kami said...

Aw, KM! I wish we did live next door to each other. Think of all the cool projects we could do together... giant puppets, cool robots, the works! Ever think of moving to Texas? ;)

Anna, I'm jealous! Wish I had seen it.