Sunday, March 14, 2010

THe Lost City of Z

I'm so excited about this book. A few years ago I read the article from whence this book sprang in the New Yorker and it was one of the best articles I ever read. I remembering prattling on about it at great length to anyone who would listen. I guess I really kind of flip for jungle-y adventure stories (was obsessed with Indiana Jones when young) and this one is super intense and actually TRUE. Here's an excerpt from the preface:

"At times I had to remind myself that everything in this story was true: a movie star really was abducted by Indians; there were cannibals, ruins, secret maps, and spies; explorers died from starvation, disease, attacks by wild animals, and poisonous arrows; and at stake amid the adventure and death was they very understanding of the Americas before Christopher Columbus came ashore in the New World."

Sounds kinda good, don't it?

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