Tuesday, March 16, 2010

50 Dangerous Things.... the BLOG

OK, OK, I know what you've been thinking... what the world needs now is YET ANOTHER BLOG. By ME. What could I do but oblige you all. And sorry to say it's not just by me but I share the glory with a friend who is co-writing it with me. I actually even have a whole 'nother blog I co-write with a friend that I keep forgetting to mention to my get-yer-mess-on friends. Will introduce that soon. But now, without further ado:

Jack and Sam's Fifty Dangerous Things

In which: my son Jack and Jennifer's son Sam tackle all fifty dangerous things in Gever Tulley's fabulous book, Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do). Play with fire? Lick a 9V battery? Throw a banana out the car window as it's zooming down the highway, just to see what happens? These crazy kids do it all. Don't miss a single thrilling episode!


cheris said...

I think the link is broken...? :(

Kami said...

Fixed. Thanks for letting me know, Cheris!


I've done #39 and cooked vegetables in the dishwasher. It's posted on my blog.

Kami said...

Awesome! Write Gever about it. He loves to hear the stories.