Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine-making frenzy

Last year Valentine's Day passed me by and I was kicking myself for not making one single cotton pickin' valentine. This year I've been positively rabid about it. I make them in my off hours... I went to this fabulous Future Craft Collective/ Texas Medicinals event where we got to make valentines (with lovely little reclaimed materials that the wonderful Bernadette had collected for us) (and also peruse the tinctures and teas of the amazing Ginger Webb, many of them love-related... I myself bought a 'Love Elixir for Two' which I am quite excited to try... well not by myself of course...)... and also made valentines this morning with the Village... I'm on an absolute spree. And I'm loving it.
I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in the sense that I expect my mate or anyone to get me anything... and I don't really think any of my significant others really want anything from me on Valentine's other than a backrub or some candy or something like that. Sadly none of my kids at the moment are really going to flip if I give them a handmade card. "Whoopty-doo, Mom. What else ya got? A lollipop, something? Gee." But I just enjoy messing around with paper, scissors and glue so much. So so SO much. And I think I need to give myself permission to play around with it all a LOT more. But it's really hard when you're a busy Ma with ten million other more productive things to do at the end of a long exhausting day. But Valentine's Day kind of gives me some sort of a free pass. And at least this year I was aware enough to use my free pass. And hopefully in the year to come I'll give myself a free pass to tinker and play around with materials a lot more. Like a lot more. Because I just find it incredibly fun. And I think I should be allowed to do fun things. Happy Valentine's Day, self. That's my gift to you. Because I know you'll appreciate it.

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