Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tato folding

...or you could also called this a 'pleated coin purse', whatever floats your (origami) boat. You could use it to hold coins or stamps or something small like that, or I think it would make a mighty dandy valentine... with a special message hidden inside. So here's how you do it... I hope it makes sense. Take your square of paper and begin by folding it in half edge to edge each way. Now fold it in half diagonally both ways.
Now fold it into eighths each way. Do this by folding the paper in half between all existing creases.

Voila! Folded into eighths.

Now fold in the corners as shown...

...then snip them off.

Now fold each edge up so that it meets the center, then unfold. So go 'round and do this eight times with each edge.

Should look something like this:

Now this is the slightly confusing part... but you can do it, I promise you. Email me if you get stuck and I'll upload a video if you want. Begin to close the purse by refolding each edge to the center. As you do this, also move the corner inward and flatten.

If you want, you can turn it over, fold in all eight corners as shown, then flip it over and re-close the tato.

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