Friday, February 12, 2010

Two good things

I went for a little walk this evening with Bruno, down to the baseball fields by the river, where he had a fine time galloping up and down the bleachers. On the way back in a little empty lot (I can still see the dilapidated house that used to stand there, with it's hand-lettered sign, "Be Aware Of Dog") there was an unusual sight: a sweet little red swing hanging from the gnarled old pecan tree. We stopped and had ourselves a little swing, it was really fun. Turns out it's part of the redswing project... just another surprising and beautiful thing in this world.... I love it.
Also, I just discovered there's a whole Etsy 'channel' on Youtube. It's about 48 5 minute or so little how-to videos or 'portraits' of neat awesome etsy artists and their groovy home environments. I can't really tell you how delectable this is, you just have to see for yourself. It just feeds into my whole 'I idolize artists' deal, but that's OK... it's just eye candy, really fabulous eye candy, so now I have somewhere else to go when I've gobbled up the latest Readymade magazine and am hungry for more.

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