Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yeah, I got one of those. And oh he is a good one. My wifeliness, I'm not so sure. These photos... all these precious, adorable photos of Matt... were left inside a book that I was selling at Half Price Books. Lucky for me, someone came and sought me out and gave them back. I don't even know why they were in there... some long forgotten Matt memorial project. But these little moments in time are so heart-stoppingly adorable. Baby Matt, young Matt in the lawn chair looking very suave and professional, teenage Matt with a ponytail and dashing white jeans striking some sort of fabulous pose, blue Matt dressed as a smurf at a Halloween party, and of course the most dear photo of all, which I would have been crushed to lose... holding tiny, tiny Jack, with the most tender expression on his face.
Matt and I have been kind of on the outs for a month or so, just mad at each other, not getting along, blaming each other for everything that's going wrong in our lives. I should make a little collage of these photos, and stick them up somewhere... remind myself of what a great guy he is, and remind myself of the stages and phases of life, and how fleeting they all really are. We just happen to be in this time of life with really little kids, and we're both here pointing our finger at the other one saying, "You, there, should be making sure the house is a lot cleaner and there's a lot more money and the kids are being parented perfectly. It's all YOUR fault." Of course, reality check, this is a very imperfect and stressful (and completely impermanent) time in our lives. We're all just passing through, soon enough we'll look back and it'll all just be a few photographs, that's all that's left. You're a baby, a kid, a smurf, a dad....all we can do is try to enjoy it while we can. And cut each other a ton of slack.

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outlawjosywales said...

So true, so true. It is all very impermanent, but its also a long long stretch of hard.
This made me all teary. I'm so glad you got the pictures back!