Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gettin' all Celtic on your Festival

I love this time of year in my neighborhood. It makes me freak out with love for Austin. First we have the Dia de Los Muertos parada right down E. 6th St.... then we have Celtic Festival down at Fiesta Gardens (a stone's throw, quite seriously, from my house... or perhaps we should say, more accurately, a frisbee's throw from my house), and then the East Austin Studio Tour, which has expanded to TWO weekends this year! Yippee! Nov. 14th through Nov. 22nd. That's good because I always go out on Sunday it seems and then have so much fun that I'm kicking myself for not having been out since Saturday in the a.m. seeing all the awesome art and cool cool spaces for making art and rubbing noses with some really awesome people. This time I plan on taking full advantage. But back to the Celtic Festival.
First let me assure you that I am not a Fest kind of gal. I'm kind of claustrophobic and not really as social as you might think and I do have three rather young, unpredictable children who could be enjoying themselves perfectly well one moment and then on the ground in a foamy-mouthed rabid rage the next.... so we have to kind of exercise caution as far as attending events goes. But ever since I stumbled upon Celtic Festival whilst on a walk when Jack was but one years old and we had just moved into the 'hood... and I observed from behind the chain link fence the sheep herding demonstration and the Strong Men in Kilts chucking huge tree trunks and all sorts of lads and lasses all Medieval-ed out... well, I was hooked. So now we go every year and it's really quite perfect for, uh, how shall I put this... I don't quite want to label my boys as 'aggro'... but for the discerning young chap who enjoys some crashing and banging of metal objects and weapons... it's pretty darn exciting. We watched some sort of wonderful Viking group battle each other and afterwards we got to get up close and personal... talk to them and try on their helmets and hold their shields. There was also this great archery set-up where you could shoot ten arrows for three dollars... hellz yeah! Jack was all about it. We ran into our friend Max (in the red shirt) who shared his cotton candy with us... I do believe that was Bruno's favorite part of the experience. Max bought that tiny cross bow there, that shoots a little nerf arrow... I want to think how to build one of those... would be a great project to do with kids, potentially.
Anyway, Celtic Festival! Also going on tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 8th (my birthday!) Happy birthday to me, and check it out....

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