Friday, November 27, 2009

Hawk Talk

Way back when in the late eighties, I was the editor of this cutting edge, junior high publication. I don't really remember it as such, but looking back it appears I was really trying to push the envelope. Whereas prior to my editorship I believe headlines were mainly about the Lakeridge Hawk's sport triumphs and other such predictable fare. These issues from my reign feature attention-grabbing articles on the possibility of male pregnancy, teen drug testing (these students are supposedly posing with their urine samples (actually empty dixie cups)), and abuse of newbie seventh graders (that's 'sevie' to you). These were incredibly touching to discover in the annals of Kami history.... I remember my junior high years as such complete and total misery... it's nice to see that my creativity had an outlet, and that I was maybe shaking things up a little bit more than I realized. Rocking the suburbs.

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