Monday, August 31, 2009


Hee hee! Here's my funny little attempt at moccasins. But I am SO proud, because I've been wanting to make Henrietta a little pair of softie shoes for SO long. I was thinking of waiting to share these 'til I'd made a really sterling pair, but I just had (yet another) conversation with someone about the illustrious Soulemama, and about how reading her blog without the appropriate grain or two of salt can cause soul-crushing nausea (in the most Sartre-ian sense). I think if Mrs. Soule over there shared a few more of her gaffes and blunders we'd all feel a heck of a lot better. But that's not really our business... she can knit her kids everything from undies to bathing suits with the utmost love and care, and our challenge is merely to admire without giving ourselves over to the green-eyed goddess of Jealousy....
Anyway, I'm psyched that I finally tried this ( I love this book so much!!) and it was easy as pie. You could easily make a pair during the watching of one movie (I was watching Charlyne Yi things on Youtube... she's funny) and my little one has been needing soft-soled shoes so badly... she seems like she's a few months away from hard soled shoes of which we have a pair so I'm lazily trying to avoid buying her any proper footwear... I said I was going to buy her a pair of these adorable shoes but I'm too lazy and too cheap... and I'm not really the person who buys their children the proper things at the proper times... I just kind of sloppily make-do with whatever is lying around or comes my way... maybe someday I'll change.... actually I just had a huge pang in my heart when I realized that I probably just have one more year at the outside where I can buy or make anything for my littlest and she won't rebuke me.... when she'll submit and won't necessarily insist on whatever her style may be (which will almost surely be the complete OPPOSITE of mine...)... so maybe some visits to Etsy are in my future. Just a few cute things for the road.

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