Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pretzels, but not really.

I was going to write this little post about how me and the kids made pretzels, but I just keep feeling like not writing about that, because it just feels like I'm saying that we do nice little cute little things like that the whole day through, when in reality, it was probably the only wholesome thing we did all week. I don't even want to get started telling you about the bickering and the wickedness and the deceit and mischief that went on BEFORE and AFTER the nice little pretzel-making incident.

Anyway, I'm just going to tell you about four little points of interest that spring to mind. And then I'm going to go to bed, and then I'm going to go to Pennsylvania for two weeks:

Dawn Farm. I'm not in recovery, but if I was, I'd want to go here.

Eek! Burmese pythons are breeding in the Everglades!

I already really really love Kimya Dawson and now I love her even more: Alphabutt... it's a children's album ("F is for Fart, G is for Gorilla Fart, H is for Huge Gorilla Fart...") but it's also got great songs that make me cry and stuff ("First thing on our list of things to do/is to wake up right next to you/second thing that we have planned/is to kiss both of your hands/third on our list of things to do today/ is to look you in the eye and say/ I love you sweet baby I love you sweet baby I love you more than anything"). Thanks Andrea for giving this album to me, we all dig it so much!

Amy, who is my life coach/happiness consultant, and who is also this brilliant, practical, hilarious, down to earth lady and if you want to get a taste of what she's all about you can know listen to her podcast with Kara Tennis! This is a total gold mine and totally fascinating and just FYI, it's rated R a little bit at times so if your sweet old granny is sitting in the corner with her tatting, maybe you should listen to it another time. But maybe I've got your granny all wrong and she's totally laid back and accepting of all topics of conversation. Your call!


Anonymous said...

that place reminds me of thistle farms, which helps prostitutes. they make some great lavender products!

have a great time! i'm jealous.

andrea said...

you're so welcome! i love love kimya and this album too! i instinctively knew it was for you as well :) Hope to see you soon. Have fun on your trip! We're off to the mountains in N. Georgia for a week, leaving sat.! Yeeha!!