Monday, August 24, 2009

The Grubbery and the Pubbery

Some of you who know me may have heard me rave about The Grubbery before... it's this fabulous place that exists only in my mental landscape, as of yet. The Grubbery only serves one thing... the perfect breakfast. There are many reasons why I think this is a brilliant idea... one of which is, have you tried going out to get brunch on a weekend here in Austin? It's mayhem. Austin is a breakfast kind of town. If you've got even a halfway decent breakfast, people are going to know about it. Also, I figure we can master a perfect breakfast. We won't try to compete with all the other good food out there for lunches and dinners. And snacks. Just THE PERFECT pancakes, best eggs... best cup of coffee... REALLY good bacon. The other thing is I want it all to be sourced locally. So the bacon might be really expensive, but it's going to be amazing. And the great coffee plus breakfast thing I feel like will be another niche... it's like, you want to go to Magnolia for a great breakfast, but you stop at Starbucks on the way there because the coffee sucks. Not at the Grubbery. At the Grubbery the coffee is always fresh, hot, rich, dark, and delicious, just like the men. Also would love to have a fab playscape and all that, like fuh real, kid friendly.
So breakfast is over at 12 or 1, and should this great place just stand there empty? No way... that's when The Pubbery takes over. I LOVE nothing more than a big fat delicious pint of tap beer but I would also love someone else to take over at this point and run the Pubbery part, because I don't want to have a business where I have to stay up late or deal with bar stuff or anything. I want to hang out there, I just don't want to run it. And I happen to know two different friends who have a dream of brewing their own beer and having a great place... so, we can just split the rent and the responsibilities... truly the best of both worlds. And can you imagine how fun it would be to have a place where you could sip a beer while your kids frolic happily on a playscape? Truly a Central Market East, which we are always saying is sorely needed over here.
I'm including this crudely drawn picture just because I was thinking about it this weekend and I devised this idea of having a sign that was kind of a topsy turvy funny thing... in the morning it says the Grubbery and it's a cup of coffee, but then the sign will actually be able to be turned 180 degrees and the cup of coffee will be transformed into a pint of beer. I'll hire a pro to make the sign... 'cause an awesome business needs a truly cool crowd-pleasing sign.
I know this is a little wild and I am trying to start Mungo too and all that, but I'm imagining this to be our family business... so Matt and I can run this and he won't have to work his boring job that he doesn't like. La la! Won't it be wonderful? All hail the Grubbery/Pubbery!


Bernadette said...

I'm there. For grub and pub. Can I just say it's refreshing and reassuring to me to hear all your ideas. I sometimes feel a little hectic/scattered/crazy with my schemes, but there you are, with yours too!

Ben said...

yes please. i mean, i would prefer it be in seattle, but if i have to go to austin for damn fine coffee (and hot!), so be it.

outlawjosywales said...

You know I'm down, Kami.
Freakin' great idea!
Love the drawing.