Saturday, November 29, 2008

Take that, Soulemama!

I made a bristlebot yesterday and I'm feeling very very pleased with myself. It's looking very ghetto but that's a motor and battery and switch taped onto a scrub brush. Kind of ridiculous but good for a few laughs and the kids enjoyed it. If you want to build one yourself, go here.
It's amazing how much you learn from doing something yourself, not reading about it, not talking to someone else about it.

The title of this post is a tad rude but I get semi-obsessed with Soulemama sometimes and wonder how she manages to write books, homeschool, knit, sew, blog, and never slip up and buy something at Target or have a kid who was obsessed with superheroes or who chomped on a pthalate-laden toy or anything like that. She is practically perfect in every way, but I don't think she ever built a robot, however primitive, for her kids, so I got her there.


Bernadette said...

I always wanted to write a "Dirty Soule Mama blog or book" A grittier side of craft. Where the stitches aren't always perfect but the passion is spot on.

I love the bristle bot! What does it do? I know Otto is going to love your tinkerers school!

Kami said...

The motor just really vibrates a whole lot, which causes the brush to zig and zag about, eliciting squeals and laughter from the young folk. It's definitely not advanced robotry, but it works for me!

Average Jane Crafter said...

Bern, I couldn't agree more! that's always kinda been the motto behind my "Average Jane Crafter" blog - that it's just - ya know - average kinda stuff. Nothing perfect - NOTHING perfect. Perfection scares me! (though, deep inside, I can appreciate it ;)

Kami - I sent your tinkering email to several friends who all instantly frothed at the mouth and said, "HOOOOORAY!"

You rock. How on earth did I not connect the dots of you being THE Kami when we were in class. Such a dork, I am! ;)