Wednesday, November 26, 2008

East Austin Studio Tour

Oh Austin, why is it that every two seconds you have to delight me with some new wonder that makes me weak at the knees? East Austin Studio Tour was just yet another one of those moments that found me melting into a pool of mush for not only this town we call our home, but also for the amazingness of all those peops out there making art just for the pure sake of making it. Not making money necessarily (in fact in most cases most definitely not) but are just compelled to make stuff, stuff that amazes, confuses, bemuses, befuddles us... delights inspires or lights a fire... I felt so moved that there are SO many people out there who could have been watching TV but instead, made something.

Some of my faves:
Fisterra Studio
Utility Research Garden (which unfortunately doesn't really contain a picture of one of the most magical gardens I've ever strolled through...)
Esquina Tango (What the heck? I was mad they shut down Church of the Friendly Ghost, I didn't know it morphed into a totally cool local tango dance hall).
Co lab

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