Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BIG FIVE, the way we like it

Jack's birthday... so simple yet so divine. If I dare to tell the real honest truth... and only three months on the late side! Not too shabby. (Hey we DID just have a baby, y'all...) (Oh yeah, what was that, a whole...almost five months ago now? Guess that excuse is about wrung dry by now...).

Decorated their own cupcakes, worked out quite well, especially for the child found off by himself chowing on the bag of red-hots.

Then on to the main attraction...

BOX SLEDDING! Sledding, Texas style... all you need is a broken down box or big piece of cardboard and a steep, grassy hill. Quite good for the boundless energy of these young folk... nothing like full on RUNNING back up a steep hill ten million times to put at least a tiny dent in that relentless vigor.

Happy 5, sweetie boy.

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