Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nature Camp!

Oh my gosh... I was just ruminating this evening and I realized that this is my FOURTH YEAR of doing camps. Wowza. I actually had to go back and check the ol' blog and sho nuff... I remember because Henny (who just turned 3) was two weeks old when I did my very first camp. It was insanity to book it around that time when she was scheduled to make her debut, but in my defense she was 2 weeks overdue (and I had assumed a 3rd child might even appear on the early side) AND I was just aflush with the amazement that people would actually entrust me with their children to do edumacational and/or camp-like activities, so I gave it a go (with a sleepy newborn in my sling, it wasn't too hard). And here I am four summers later doing more or less the same thing! It feels pretty amazing, because in all honesty it has been pretty madcap each summer when I've done camps. Doing a class is one thing, with a whole week in between each one to prep, but camp you really have to be ON IT... and with my own kids underfoot (no school)... it was all just kind of hair-raising. Somehow I managed it and I hope I won't jinx it when I say I feel like I have things kind of under control this summer. Well, that's easy to say now, with just one down and still four more to go, and it ALSO could be that this one seemed easy because I had so many special guests in to help me out, but.... this summer just might be THE summer that blows all other SUMMERS to SMITHEREENS.

Anyway, here we go, Summer 2011: Nature Camp!

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