Friday, June 24, 2011

The fair city of San Pedro

My family moved to L.A. some time after I was out on my own. I'm trying to do the math and it's freaking me out a little... could it really be 17 years they've lived there?? Something like that... SHEESH. Time does fly. Anyway, L.A. to me sounds kind of dreadful but they really found a primo place to live and I've always enjoyed visiting there. They live in a little town called San Pedro... an older, homey little town, where the Port of Los Angeles is, and it's got a ton of character and great places to check out.

My brother Cooper took us to this neat deli that was a refurbished little corner store, where I freaked out over all the cool sodas.
"Leninade: A drink worth standing in line for!"
"Drink Comrade, drink! It's this or the Gulag!"
Mmmm.... so many different flavors of Jolt... how to choose?

We finally went out to breakfast at the Omelette and Waffle Shop, which has always caught my eye. I would always misread it and think that it said "Omelette the Waffle" which makes me laugh, I can't say why.San Pedro also has the PERFECT aquarium, I love it so much. It's actually kind of a homey little place, not at all a big or deluxe, but it is just set up so well that we are always delighted and wowed every time we go there.

Touchable tidepool exhibit!
And Henny turned 3 with a little help from Nana and Grandpa.
Nana and Grandpa who are retiring and moving back to Oregon. I'm excited for them but I really will miss San Pedro, I have to say. So glad we got to go back for one last fling.

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