Sunday, April 10, 2011

A visit with Christine Terrel!

Christine makes this awesome jewelry out of reclaimed vintage tins. You can see her work here. In the photo below you can see her showing us how she breaks down a cylindrical tin into raw material for her purposes.

There was a lot of hammering and pounding and so many wonderful pieces of tin to sort through!

We loved how she had so cleverly used paint chips as backing for her earrings and necklaces.

Everyone was pleased as punch about the pieces they made... even Eva here, caught in a pensive moment. Thanks SO much, Christine!


rachelle @ tinkerlab said...

Christine's work is beautiful, and brings attention to the importance of reusing non-renewable materials. What a great lesson for your kids to learn, and how fun that they came away with their very own piece of jewelry. Your classes must be so empowering for all the children, and I so wish we had something like this in our neck of the woods.

adaptive reuse said...

Kami, thanks for the chance to work with the kids. It was so nice to be part of a group where everyone was interested, open and engaged. It was a good reminder for me just how capable kids really are. They need to have these sorts of opportunities in order to really see that for themselves as well. Thanks for providing the space for their exploration. (Also, I've got lots of ideas on how to improve things if we decide to do it again! )