Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at Tooth Acres

We had the amazing honor of being invited out to a new friend's house for an Easter weekend camp-out. Margaret and her family fairly recently moved out to this land outside Roundtop, TX that I think has been in her family for generations. It's 150 acres of Texas paradise!
The other amazing thing is that she's quite keen to make the most of her little slice of Tejas. Tinkering school/camp/experiences? Heck yeah! Nature walks, explorations, farming, retreats, barn raising, in short, meaningful hands-on learning experiences of the gloriously nature-y and build-y sort? Hallelujah! What all can we dream up to take place out at Tooth Acres (her dad was a dentist)? Now accepting applications!

Shep is Margaret's brother. He has his own house out on these 150 acres they share. He is very, very, very obsessed with chickens. He also loves quilting. This chicken's name is Michelle Obama.

The very cutest and sweetest hounds you ever could hope to meet, Fido and Gabby. And an endless flock of little toy animals to play with... Henrietta hardly budged from these front steps for the first few hours.

It was seriously amazing that we found a complete coyote skeleton out on a creek walk. The coyote had been completely cleaned out except for the fur and bones. Even Margaret was pretty awe-struck ...a real find.
More commonly found are cowbones. Cowbones galore!
And mouse bones too... tiniest little skulls and toothies that you ever did see!
And what could be more Easter-y than a real honest-to-goodness hen named Henny Penny sitting on fourteen eggs that were in the midst of hatching?? 8 little chickies were getting their land-legs by the time we were leaving... we all gloried in Henny Penny's new mother-ness, it really does melt your heart like nothing else, seeing those fresh little chicks, I turn to mush just thinking about it.
I'm sure we will all be seeing you out there soon enough! Happy Easter!

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Ellen said...

Please! Please! Please!!! I would love to take my Daisy's or my family for a weekend tinkering / camping / exploring adventure! Where is her web page to start booking!