Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vision board...

...for Austin Tinkering School. I made it yesterday and I have to say I just love it so much. I can't believe I found those images in the lower left-hand corner. This is exactly my dream: a big, beautiful workspace full of tools (the great high ceilings and light with a cool office up above are just a bonus, but I like it), and then right next door an airy and bright workspace full of art supplies.... doesn't that just sound SO dreamy? And lots of space and land outside... trees to climb, and space to build some big stuff. Ahhhh! So fun!

This picture of the deck and the room with the sliding glass doors.... you probably can't see but there's an electric guitar in there. That symbolizes to me this other piece I want for this school... a room full of instruments and recording and mixing equipment.... because I just think it would be so amazing to get to learn how to build songs and tinker with them at a young age. Or at an old age... any age, 'cause that's something I'd really like to learn too.

Obviously the scissors made from the circular saw blade are just really awesome and reuse-y....

And these last images at the bottom of this post.... I love the boys in the giant soft squishy chair, it reminds me of this giant GIANT beanbag sofa which I really REALLY want to make someday. And the guy with the shovel is working in a glass-blowing studio.... of course you know I want us to get to work side by side and interact with all these wonderful and skilled and super cool artisans that we are lucky to find that Austin is replete with.

Now that I have visioned it, please make it so, dear Universe! Shazam!

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