Monday, November 15, 2010

A morning of tinkering

I think I've written before about how I sometimes feel like my kids just aren't very keen on the tinkering. I guess that's the classic scenario... the music teacher's kids disdain the cello, the gym teacher's kids would rather read, the tinkerer's kids would rather run around chasing each other and screaming like maniacs. Well fingers crossed, that paradigm seems to be shifting and they've been doing a fair bit of building and creating (in between screams and chases, of course).

I got so giddy about this State of Tinkering that they were in that I lingered at home for hours past the point when I was supposed to take myself out on a hot date to the East Austin Studio Tour (one of my number one most favorite times of the year). Then after I finally dragged myself away for a few hours, I came home to learn that they had set up a hot chocolate stand (first a boomerang stand, but apparently those weren't moving quite as fast as they'd hoped they would) ALL by themselves (and I know it was a completely solo effort because Matt was deeply involved in his construction work out back and there's no way he would have stopped to chaperone a hot chocolate stand)... and made 12 dollars. I am proud, proud, oh so very proud, very proud indeed! Tinkering kids + Free Range Entrepeneurs = A quite delighted mama who feels that her kids are capable and competent and creative and quite well equipped to go forth in this world and do good work. Yay kids! You done made me proud.


jenny said...

Hey Kami - we made those flying thingys at preschool today - just wanted you to know they were a huge hit.

Kami said...

Awesome, Jenny! I am so glad to hear that!