Saturday, October 3, 2009

Austin Village

Austin Village series: round 2!
revamp, rejuice, share, explore, and shift your body, mind, and soul
…a women’s group

We invite anyone and everyone to join us as we continue to sink deeper into our soulful selves~ together!!

For our next series, we will carve out 5 monthly sessions to explore and focus on 4 key issues in our lives:
money & true prosperity
body image
(although these inevitably tie into the entire fabric of our beings…)
and end, with a luxurious, fun, creative mini retreat as our grand finale.

We will delve into what we truly want in these areas and clearly define our dreamiest versions of ourselves within each.

Our wish for all is to create a clear pathway and arc of awareness within each area, putting all of our affairs in order and readying for one big leap into the upcoming year, THE YEAR in which we all truly embrace our essential selves. Finding all the love and support we could possibly hope for, releasing old patterns and limitations, and lifting off into what will surely be the beginning, deepening, continuation, or even complete soaring into the next phase of our brilliant & happy journeys ... with a little help from our village...

Our original intention remains the same -- which is to offer each other a safe, cozy space to connect with ourselves & explore these issues (at the very least) , which we believe will absolutely eventually catapult each other into a greater connection with each other, community, the greater sisterhood, and ultimately, the whole wide world and universe (at the most, totally doable)!!

And, our greatest hope is still that women will leave feeling lighter, more connected, and encouraged to explore the endless avenues of self care and be on their merry way toward what we are really here to do which is to either begin, define, deepen, or enrich our own personal journeys.

This will be led by Kami Wilt and Laurie Kemp in our usual cozy space using the same easy organic flow of conversation (allowing plenty of space for our messiest, teary, bright, dreamiest selves), with the addition of a light snack + bevies, with a mega healthy and delicious lunch at our final meeting.
For the final meet we will invite 2 special guests to join and share their version of self care, healing, shifting, with lots of additional fun and easy tools for you to take home!
Last but not least, we will offer a mid monthly check in by phone (via teleconference) for additional support towards making that major shift in consciousness that will result in more fulfillment and deep, beautiful growth.

WHEN: 10 – 1, one Saturday each month
October 17
November 14
December 12
January 9
February 6

WHERE: the home of Laurie Kemp, South/ Central Austin

COST: $150
This cost is NOT meant to be prohibitive~
we’re very, very open to barters & trades in any fashion



Kami Wilt and Laurie Kemp are both mothers of three, self employed, and both have a yen for personal growth, community building, and spiritual questing. We are avid students who have taken scads of classes with Carrie Contey and Bernadette Noll, Kirsten Nottleson, Dottie Curry, and Amy Childs. Our influences include Shakti Gawain, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Caroline Myss, Sonia Choquette, and many more.

what we're up to out in the world~

WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID (testimonials)...

"This group has meant so much to me. It has been, and continues to be, a place where I feel REALLY SAFE to share and experience whatever's up for me. Laurie and Kami have been the perfect gentle guides, so loving and accepting and wise, with just the right amount of encouragement, creating a space that made it possible."


"Oh how I wanted a village. I wanted a group that I could spill my saddest, my darkest, my most conflicted self to, and have respond with a "hmm, I gotcha," "I feel ya." I'm glad that I accepted the invitation to this nourishing, loving, supportive, and even enlightening circle. This village of support helped me through a difficult time..."

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