Friday, September 25, 2009

El chiquito librito

I made this book for my friend's birthday and it seriously took 15 minutes... for some reason it is very empowering to me to be able to just sit down and whip out a wee bookie. Probably because I've spent my whole life in thrall of The Book... I used to sit down and 'write' long stories with made-up letters before I learned this whole alphabet biz... Come to think of it, I used to make tons of books back then, too. Then I gave it up for the last twenty, twenty five years or so... nice to be back on the production line.

By the by, just get yourself a nice big tapestry needle, it's like the biggest needle you can get. It really pierces through the paper quite easily. I've also been using this really sturdy hemp twine that I found a whole lot of at a thrift store this summer. Just use something really strong that can stand up to a little wear and tear...for all that raucous readin' and writin' you're going to be doing with it....

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